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CBD (Cannabis) May Help to Fight against Novel Covid-19 ?

2020 is one of the dark year in history, because Covid-19 has been spread drastically around the world like a storm. Due to this pandemic, human life has been stucked in quarantine. People have lost their jobs as economic crisis has gone to such an extent that it’s hard to recover and the most dangerous part is millions of people have lost their lives.

                  Europe is one of the most affected continents. Every country is trying their best to invent  the vaccine against the coronavirus. Even some of the countries have got succeeded on animal tests and clinical trials. As per the media and research, it is found that CBD helps to fight against Covid-19.


 Facts about cannabis(CBD) may improve steroid therapy in autoimmune, Covid19 patients



We at Refill station CBD request everyone to stay safe and secure. Our most secure bet right at present is to take care of Social distancing, avoid touching your eyes, nose and mouth, wash your hands properly with sanitizer, wear a mask while outside and maintain a strong healthy routine. Your most secure bet is to stay safe & healthy and follow everything suggested by the WHO and Government.